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Becoming a skilled notary public goes beyond obtaining your commission. It’s about equipping yourself with the right tools and supplies that not only facilitate your job but also enhance your professionalism. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll examine the world of essential notary supplies and tools that every notary public should have in their possession.

The Mighty Notary Stamp: Your Official Imprint
The notary public stamp is the heart and soul of notarial acts. This indispensable tool is your official imprint on documents, representing your authority to validate signatures and affirm the authenticity of transactions. It’s more than just ink on paper; it’s a symbol of trust and verification.
But not all notary stamps are created equal. Invest in a high-quality notary stamp that produces clear and consistent impressions. A well-crafted stamp ensures your notary seal is easily recognizable and stands up to scrutiny. To ensure your notary stamp meets state’s requirements, we recommend you purchase your notary supplies from a company specializing in creating these products. Anchor Stamp is the Nation’s leading notary supply manufacturer,

The Notary Seal: Adding an Extra Layer of Authentication
Complementing your notary stamp is the notary seal. This additional layer of authentication includes vital information such as your name, commission number, and commission expiration date. The required information varies from state to state. The notary public seal or notary embosser reinforces the legitimacy of your notarial acts, instilling confidence in those who rely on your services. Many notaries find that their clients insist of having the raised seal authenticate their documents. The manufacturing of notary embossers is a specialized skill, is one place where you can purchase a seal and have it shipped the NEXT BUSINESS DAY!

Record Keeping: The Notary’s Secret Weapon
Every notary public must maintain accurate records of their notarial acts, and a Notary record book is your secret weapon in this regard. This notary journal serves as a chronological archive of your notarial journey, recording essential details like dates, times, locations, and the parties involved. Many states have a legal requirement to record all transactions. In fact, Illinois law requires a special, state-specific record book. You can view the Illinois notary record book here: . Be sure to check with your state before ordering notary supplies. A well-maintained record book not only helps you stay organized but also provides a valuable reference in case of disputes or questions regarding a notarized document. The highest quality record book can be found here:

Certificates of Acknowledgment and Jurat: The Backbone of Notarization
Two critical forms in the notary’s toolkit are acknowledgment and jurat certificates. These documents are the backbone of notarization, certifying various types of notarial acts. An acknowledgment certificate verifies the identity of individuals signing documents, while a jurat certificate is used for administering oaths or affirmations. Familiarize yourself with these certificates and ensure you have a ready supply to meet the diverse needs of your clients.

Additional Must-Have Notary Stamps

There are a few other Notary Stamps that can really help you perform your notary duties well. Here are a few examples:

First, we have the Certified True Copy Stamp – This Notary Stamp certifies that the document is a true and exact copy of the original. Found here:

Secondly, there is the versatile Signature Witness Notary Stamp – This Notary Stamp combines many helpful aspects all in one convenient stamp including the location, date, the signer appeared, provided identification and includes your personalized notary name and commission expiration date. This item can be found here:

Next is the Notary Acknowledgement Stamp – This Notary Public Stamp states that the signer appeared with the notary, provided identification and acknowledged to the notary that the document was signed freely. This handy item can be found here:

Lastly, the Notary Jurat Stamp – This Notary Stamp says that the signer appeared with the notary at the time of the notarization and signing of the document, the signer  provided identification and the notary administered the oath. This popular notary public stamp can be viewed here:

The Ink Pad: The Unsung Hero of Legibility
Behind every crisp notary stamp impression is a reliable stamp pad. Notaries should invest in a high-quality ink pad that is compatible with their notary stamp. A well-chosen ink pad ensures your impressions are consistently legible and professional. Don’t underestimate the importance of this unsung hero in your notarial toolkit. Although it must be said that most notaries have self-inking notary stamps. These notary stamps can often times be re-inked and have replacement pads that can be purchased.

Proper Identification Verification Tools: Trust, but Verify
As a notary, verifying the identity of signers is a cornerstone of your role. Ensure you have proper identification verification tools on hand, such as driver’s licenses, passports, or other government-issued IDs. These documents are your allies in confirming the identity of individuals signing important paperwork. One such item is the Notary UV Light Pen. This item uses the UV light to highlight embedded holograms within various forms of Identification. An example of this item can be found here:

Notary Journal: Your Guardian of Accountability
The notary journal is your guardian of accountability. It’s where you record the details of each notarial act, creating a paper trail of your professional journey. A well-maintained journal helps you stay compliant with regulations and provides a historical record of your notarial career.

The Thumbprints Pad: An Extra Layer of Security
In some states, notaries are required to take thumbprints of document signers. A thumbprints pad is used for this purpose and adds an extra layer of security to your notarial acts. Thumbprints can be invaluable in resolving disputes or questions about a document’s authenticity. This inexpensive item can really assist you,

Document Storage: Keeping Your Notarized Documents Safe
Properly storing notarized documents is paramount to your role. Create a secure and organized system for document storage, ensuring both the original documents and their copies are easily accessible when needed. This attention to detail not only demonstrates your professionalism but also safeguards the integrity of notarized documents. Anchor Stamp offers Large & Small Zippered supply bags with a combination lock for safekeeping. The Lock can be located here:

Mobility and Organization: The Notary’s Best Friends
Notaries often find themselves on the move, meeting clients at various locations. Having a reliable bag or carrying case is essential for transporting your notary supplies with ease and organization. Don’t risk leaving crucial tools behind; invest in a bag or case that accommodates your notary essentials. Here, you can find a high-quality Large Notary Supply Bag which can hold all your items,

Conclusion: Elevate Your Notarial Practice
In the realm of notarization, professionalism and trustworthiness go hand in hand. By equipping yourself with these essential notary supplies and tools, you elevate your notarial practice to new heights. Your notary stamp, seal, record book, certificates, ink pad, verification tools, journal, thumbprints pad, and document storage system all play vital roles in your journey towards becoming a proficient and trusted notary public. Therefore, Invest wisely in these Notary Public Stamps, maintain meticulous records, and always strive to provide the highest level of service to your clients. In doing so, you not only enhance your own reputation but also contribute to the integrity of notarial acts and the trust that underpins them. Remember, being well-prepared is the hallmark of a true professional notary.

About the Author: Thomas McTague is the owner of Anchor Rubber Stamp Co. Inc. and with nearly 30 years of experience in the Notary Industry.